Wednesday, October 28, 2009

future trading

INTRA NIFTY futureS FOR 29.10.09
Hi Friends, Happy to meet you all again. I am going to post my 98% accuracy Nifty futures Intraday Recommendations and Stock Recommendations in the following mentioned link. Just visit there to get my tips. The crucial Resistances %26 Supports for intra-day Nifty futures. %26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26mdash;%26ndash; Nifty Fut Res-4908, 4897, 4879, 4862, 4851, 4844. Nifty Fut Sup-4822, 4815, [...]

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